Digital Projects

(2012- ..) Issue Mapping Online, a digital resource featuring case studies, readings, recipes, tools and tactics for analsying and visualising issues with digital methods, part of a Demonstrator Project funded by the ESRC Digital Social Research Programme. 

(2013) Mapping WCIT with Twitter.  A study of Internet governance issues using an experimental data tool, The Associational Profiler, developed with C. Gerlitz, E. Borra, B. Rieder and E. WeltevredeFunded by the ESRC Digital Social Research Communities Programme.

(2012) ‘The Co-Word Machine’ and ‘Implementing the Co-word Machine,’ development of functional proto-type, collaboration between Goldsmiths, University of London and the Digital Methods Initiative, University of Amsterdam.





(2010) What kind of space is the sustainable Home? A comparative analysis of three ‘green’ spheres on the Web. GIS Watch Yearbook – ICT and Environmental Sustainability, Global Information Society Watch, Developed as part of my Marie Curie Fellowship (2007-2009).