Events (Organiser)

(2018) Put to the test: critical evaluations of testing, (organised with D. Stark), Sociological Review Seminar, suported by the ERC Advanced Grant Blindspot, Warwick in London, 10 and 11 December.



(2017) Science.Knowledge.[E]valuationInterdisciplinary workshop (organised with J. Angermuller, J. Beetz, J. Reinecke, & N. Wroblewska), University of Warwick, 9-10 March.






(2016) How to Map Issues? Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies/ESRC Doctoral Training Centre, University of Warwick, 14-15 September.






(2014) Inventing the Social, Celebrating 10 years of the Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process (with M. Guggenheim and A. Wilkie), May 29-30, 






(2010) After Markets: Researching Hybrid Arrangements (with Linsey McGoey), Oxford Saïd Business School, April 23,






(2008) The Physique of the Public, Sociology/Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process, Goldsmiths, University of London, June 6, 






(2003) Next 5 Minutes 4, international festival on tactical media (with David Garcia, Erik Kluitenberg, Menno Grootveld and others), De Balie, Amsterdam, 11-14 September, 

(2001) Better than Fantasy: Reality engineering and the Computer (with Arie Altena, Paul Groot, Arjen Mulder, Dirk van Weelden, Jorinde Seijdel and Willem Velthoven). Amsterdam/Maastricht Summer University/Mediamatic Foundation, Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, 31 Aug – 2 Sept,